I Do Kay Pharmacist Malaysia Blog Review On Horleys Sculpt Dietary Supplement Protein Powder Berry

What is horleys sculpt dietary supplement protein powder berry?

Horleys Sculpt Dietary Supplement Protein Powder Berry is a nutritional support for those woman with busy lifestyles , working out, who seeking a nutritious, convenient, lazy meal supplement, need an extra source of protein, lower-carb eating plan, fat-metabolism ingredients to keep their body toned up, muscle gain, fat loss, alongside to boost their energy levels and be healthy.

How it shape down for ladies while maintaining their lifestyle is that Horleys Sculpt Dietary Supplement Protein Powder Berry will make ladies feel fuller, hinder from craving, slight boost in metabolism due to it’s protein content that requires more energy to digest it and harder to store as fat. Furthermore, Horleys Sculpt Dietary Supplement Protein Powder Berry green tea ingredient is there to boost ladies metabolism. Their L-carnitine is there to assist ladies body to burn fat as fuel. Whereas Garcinia extract (Citrimax) is to suppress appetite and inhibit fat production.

In addition, Horleys Sculpt Dietary Supplement Protein Powder Berry product features high quality protein from New Zealand Whey Protein and non-GMO (genetically modified) soy, a full vitamin and minerals profile including iron and folate as complete nutritional support, all natural colours and flavours, sweetened with stevia and sucralose, and gluten free, halal certified with the exception of Banana Delight flavour.

Ladies with busy lifestyle can almost substitute Horleys Sculpt Dietary Supplement Protein Powder Berry for meals. The best time to consume is 2 hours before workouts or after workouts.

Is Horleys Protein Powder “Protein Shake With Integrity”?

Most protein powders on the market are not certified organic, nor are they Non-GMO Project Verified. That means all of them might contain GMOs and most definitely contain pesticides that are considered harmful and potentially toxic with long-term exposure. This increased exposure is linked to birth defects, nerve damage, and even cancer.

The President’s Cancer Panel has urged us not to consume food sprayed with pesticides and doesn’t believe any amount is safe. Because of this reason, I can’t imagine willingly wanting to spend a serious chunk of change (protein shakes are expensive!) to buy any of these listed products as a way to help build muscle, lose weight or replace a meal.

Hence… are Horleys Sculpt Dietary Supplement Protein Powder Berry really that perfectly healthy and would never bring any health issues to our body in longer term used? Is Horleys Sculpt Dietary Supplement Protein Powder Berry “Protein Shake With Integrity”? Were Horleys company another chains with “healthy mearketing” pitches telling the truth, or lying through their bottle wrappers? Let’s dig further…


My Wake Up Call

I’m Kay, aka Kay (Care) The Unconventional Pharmacist. This is what I do–hold my patients and clients accountable for their health transformational journey and coach my clients to repair their dysfunction energy cells the unconventional way. Though I get a lot of objections and disagreements feedbacks nearly from most of my colleagues, I still insist to regularly expose the unhealthy ingredients and practices that food companies and pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies don’t want you to know about.

Why I do what I do? Is because it makes me really sad to see how these big corporations have adulterated our foods with unhealthy fats, refined flour, extra sugar, dough strengtheners, fake flavourings, additives, genetically modified organisms, hormones, pesticides, and so much more…

… that food additives in famous milk and protein powders that I can’t even pronounce, food colourings made from petrochemicals and the bodies of dried, ground-up insects, cancer-causing preservatives, and much more. The more I know and learned, the more upset I became. I couldn’t believe there’s coal tar in my fast food burger and cheese, yoga mat and rubber in my bread, beaver’s ass in my vanilla ice cream, powdered glass (sand) in fast-food chilli! The GMOs have been added to our food supply.

For the past 15 years, many of our dairy and meat products been come from cows injected with hormones and antibiotics, been fed with soy products and grains to increase their meat and milk productions. I realised majority of the people have no knowledge to tell what we were putting into our body daily was actually poisoning us and making us fat and sick!

Protein shake and me

I remember clearly it was mid 2015. After leaving the gym, I went back home to pick up my post workout Horleys Sculpt Dietary Supplement Protein Powder Berry. Back then I thought this was healthy, I was religious about using this particular brand and I would drink the shake nearly every single day, few times a day! As weeks and months goes by, yes, I beginnning to put on weight and muscles, but also body fats, constipated, bloating, and acnes around my jaw! My colleagues who work with me every day told me, “Kay! You look chubby! What happen to you?!” Not only these, I get frequent migraine and felt chronically tired every day. 10 hours sleeping time wasn’t enough for me at all! I don’t feel good nor energised every morning. I experience frequent unstable emotional health problem at that time as well.

At that time, I couldn’t connect any of these dots to what I was doing. So, I went to consult a gynecologist and seek 2nd opinions from other doctors. They pronounced that nothing was wrong with my hormone levels , just that I have bad blood cholesterol profile with high rheumatoid factor. Yet, in order to solve my acne issue, doctor prescribe me hormone pills for my acne problems and ask me to exercise more to help increase my HDL level! In fact, I worked out 5-6 days a week consistently already at that time… 🙁

I was so confused… I am thinking maybe it’s the shakes that I frequently took after workout and in between meals that causes the problems that I have not had for quite some time… And the same protein shakes works 7 out of 10 works for others, BUT why not me?! And I always frustrated to search for an answer on the shakes that works for me… As I believe I am the most obedient, compliant, and discipline person who are being consistent to follow dietary advices, exercise programs, and living as healthy till the extend that everyone around me ask me “Are you ok?”…

One decision that shape my health forever.

So after years of all the “listening to others (advertisements, health & exercise experts)” experimentation, I had finally took the courage and choose to “stop the protein shake and start listening to my body.” As soon as I regained my energy and re-structure whatever I am doing previously, I dug deep into the skills I’d learned during my university days, that is, start researching to identify the most nutritious and healing protein shakes on the planet.

I decided to figure out what was in the protein shakes I have been drinking and other protein bars and meal replacement products and plant-based milk etc… what made me sick in the first place. I became intoxicated with the process of discovery, and I research and read about them ferociously… because I believe there’s something you need to know about these supplements.

Yes, no doubt that if you cut back on meat and dairy products, you might want to supplement with protein powders and shakes. But there’s something you need to know about different kind of these supplements selling out there….



Once I start embarked into this investigation and research journey… O.M.G. little did I know that the Proteins that been used in protein shakes and those food additives: Thickeners 466, 415, Anticaking Agent 551, Artificial Sweeteners, etc… were known to bring havoc to our body system if we used it religiously.

My own chronic health problems led me to make the connection to packaging foods contain with proteins and food additives that my body do not need, like, and want. A link that made sense once I started researching the effects of certain chemicals and ingredients on majority of the protein shakes.

GMO Project Verified or certified organic?!

This protein powder is not Non-GMO Project Verified or certified organic so there is a chance that some of the ingredients! Although Horleys Sculpt label claims they make use non-GM Soy, this shake thickeners and other ingredients might still derived from GMOs!

While their website states their whey comes from New Zealand cows fed on a pasture, but without the certified organic or certified grass-fed label, there is the possibility that the cows were raised with some GMO feed.

Although this powder is filled with vitamins and minerals and label all natural colours and flavours, these don’t necessary come directly from real food. Flavours can contain up to 100 ingredients as well as GMO-derived ingredients.

what is soy protein?

This protein shake use soy protein concentrate, soy protein isolate in conjunction with other proteins like whey protein concentrate. Over 90% of the soy produced in this country is GMO and contaminated with Roundup herbicide, but in this case, Horleys Sculpt Dietary Supplement Protein Powder Berry claimed to be non-GM Soy. BUT that’s not the safe reason to take the soy protein!

Soy has been marketed as the miracle food of all time, maybe because it can be produced cheaply and some big companies have invested in its production and modification. I remember the pharmacy I worked with pilled with tins and cans of soy products, when you walk in into the pharmacy, you can seem like one big homage to soy!

Yet, eating soy daily basis may create problems, whether in traditional forms like tofu/ edamame or in modern incarnations: hotdogs, fake meat, chips, sauces, workout bars, ice cream, meal replacement shakes, etc… you name it!

“One study showed that high midlife tofu consumption – high being only 2 servings! per week – increased the risk of late-life cognitive impairment and dementia in both men and women.”

In fact, don’t believe the soy hype! Here’s why:

  • When soy is looked at from a macronutrient perspective, it can give the illusion of a very healthy food – full of plant based protein, essential amino acids and fiber. However, the soy that is grown and produced today is largely hybridized, making the amino acids largely indigestible leading to digestive issues that have caused many people to be allergic to soy.
  • What’s worse is when soy is isolated to just its protein state, it becomes severely denatured and can cause hormonal disruptions because of the excessive amount of estrogen contained in it. That means that it can disrupt hormone balances for both genders (woman: affect ovulation, man: lower testosterone).
  • Soy also has an abundance of phytates or phytic acid that leaches calcium and other vital minerals like magnesium, copper, iron, and zinc from your body. In other words, soy can be an antinutrient. To neutralise the phytates in soy, you have to ferment the heck out of it, as we do in Asia 😉
  • Soy is also full of trypsin inhibitors. Trypsin is an enzyme produced in the pancreas that need to digest protein. Soy interfere protein digestion and cause pancreatic disorders. Not surprising we find more pancreatic, stomach, and thyroid cancers. Hence, soy might even increase risk of certain cancers.
  • Soy increases the body needs for vitamin D. That’s why often, vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) will be added to soy milk. BUT our body preferred vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), this is the form of D our body synthesise from sunlight. And vitamin D3 not usually found in soy milk. Hence, soy bad for bone health.
  • Soy as source of protein? Although soy is complete protein. BUT it has very low amounts of 2 essential amino acids, lysine and methionine, so it is not a quality protein source.
  • Soy lower cholesterol? Doubt that. I am still not convinced that lowering cholesterol reduces your risk for heart disease, as I’ve seen many cases in my pharmacy and hospital. There are far better ways to lower cholesterol, including lowering your overall glycemic load, getting rid of damaged fats and increasing your intake of fiber.
  • Affect children development, thanks to its hormonal effects. Boys genitals may not fully develop and little girls may develop faster and start their menses earlier than normal. You don’t want to feed soy to infants either. It can impact infants brain and nervous system development. Soy has linked to thyroid cancer and to autoimmune thyroid disease in infants drinking soy formula.
  • Soy depress thyroid function. I’ve seen this often among my clients. When they eat soy every day, they tend to have elevated levels of TSH (thyroid-stimulating-hormone), which is an indicator of hypothyroidism. Thyroid numbers come back to normal quickly when soy is taken out of diets. Make sure you talk to your doctors and run the full panel of thyroid tests and making sure is there any other disrupters (heavy metal, aging, nutritional deficiencies, poor iodine, etc)
  • Soy has been overly processed and refined with sugar added.

As you can see, that there are lots of reasons to avoid soy and really no reason at all to consume it. After I start living a conscious lifestyle, and made conscious positive change, and get rid of certain chemicals on the body, my health problems started to solve one by one, it was like a dominos effect to me. I lost those 8% of body fats, my high rheumatoid factor successfully brought down, incurable eczema scalp totally healed, acne getting better. My bloating gut issue vanished. Anxiety and emotional health issue gone.I no longer had to take any drugs, hormone pills, prescription antibiotics, migraine pills, or over-the counter medicines.


food additives thickeners (466, 415)?

Thickeners are food additives that are used in food manufacturing to thicken or to give a small uniform texture to a food or drinks.

Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (Cellulose gum) also known as thickeners 466 or E466, is genetically engineered as it is a by-product of cotton production GM-cotton is grown on a large scale in many countries and primarily in the USA, China and India. One may assume that a certain portion of cotton raw materials stem from GM plants.

Thickener 466 has been linked to cause cancer when ingested by test animals. It is also use as dietary fibre, anti clumping agent and emulsifier. It is very similar as cellulose, but very soluble in water. Found in many different products, such as toothpaste, laxatives, diet pills, water-based paints, detergents, textile sizing, and various paper products.

Carboxymethyl cellulose is very soluble, and can be fermented in the large intestine. Large concentrations can cause intestinal problems, such as intestinal obstruction, bloating, constipation and diarrhoea.

Xanthan gum 415 or E415 is a polysaccharide derived from the fermentation of corn sugar with a bacterium, can be genetically modified and derived from GM maize/ GM soya. Commonly used as thickening agent in protein shakes, salad dressings to increase viscosity and a stabiliser in cosmetic products to prevent ingredients from separating. Xanthan gum aggravated food intolerance such as asthma, skin irritation, allergies and hay fever.

the key to finding a high-quality protein powder

Ask the right questions:

  1. What is the first 3 ingredients on their food label?
  2. Is it organic, free of pesticides, and grass-fed?
  3. Does it contain soy protein mostly?
  4. Is it GMO-free?
  5. How is it processed?
  6. Does the processing allow it to retain its nutritional quality, its vitamins and minerals, or being denatured?
  7. Does it contain a lot of additives?
  8. Does it contain artificial or refined sugars?
  9. Does it have heavy metals?
  10. Does eating refined foods versus whole foods make sense?

Ask heavy metals because there’s an eye opening investigation conducted by Consumer Reports in July 2010 revealed popular, highly processed protein powders like GNC, Muscle Milk, Designer Whey, Myoplex, and many other brands contained arsenic, cadmium, and lead. This is just another reason why it is incredibly essential to know what you are eating, buying, where it is from and how it is produced, is it genetically modified?

So in the next blog post, I will share with you my Kay (Care) The Unconventional Pharmacist approved list of protein powders and shakes that are free of pesticides, GMOs, all those nasty chemicals and other yikey ingredients. In fact, you don’t have to rely on protein drinks because simply eating a variety of real food alone gives you plenty of proteins.

Till then, I’d love to know if you have tried any of the protein shakes before or found any protein powders you like better. Please leave a comment and let me and others know! xoxo

All of above is based on my personal experience and knowledge as a Pharmacist in Malaysia.  Hope you enjoy my Pharmacist Malaysia Blog and do feel free to leave any comment^^