Weight Loss For Better Sleep

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Weight loss for better sleep

Getting more sleep does not makes you a better person? Really? Nope. But, getting better sleep makes you a better person.

When you think about the depths of that, that means if you can get better sleep so good in, say, only 6 hours a night that you felt better than you do now, on 8-10 hours a night, wouldn’t you do that? Instead of continuing thinking that you need to sleep 8-10 hours a night? Could you do something more and better for that extra 2 hours a day?

Here.. i am revealing some sleep and weight loss facts

Here’s what some of the most compelling research out there showed me. This was a study of 1.2 million people. they looked at them for several years.

What they discovered when they went back and analysed the data… was that the people who live the longest sleep 6 and a half hours a night and wake up feeling energised the whole day. People who sleep more than 8 hours a night die of all cause mortality more frequently than those who sleep 6 1/2 hours a night.

Meaning if you sleep 9-10 hours or more a night and still wake up not feeling energised the whole day, your chances of dying are way higher, it actually gets worse. What’s up with that?

It’s this crazy idea… are you ready? >> Healthy people need less sleep!

So, suddenly getting more sleep isn’t the angle. But being healthier, having a body that works better, having cells that work better, that’s the key.

In my FFTFF guideline, I wrote about this weird things you can do to help your brain’s GLYMPHATIC system, NOT lymphatic system, to revive and hence improve your sleep quality NOT quantity.

What does glymphatic system do? At night, your body pumps cerebral spinal fluid into the brain and literally gives you a brain-washing, it washes out the toxic proteins in your brain. When this happens, it is part of your sleep cycle.

When you wake up, your brain is now detoxed.

But what guides that glymphatic system? Well, it’s mitochondria. Mitochondria is power plants in your cells. They make energy for us during the day and night. Without mitochondria, you couldn’t live.

Your mitochondria function is a measure of how efficient you are at converting food into energy. If you’re efficient at that, if your mitochondria work really well, then your glymphatic system will also work better, because you can more efficiently pumps cerebral spinal fluid into the brain and detox toxic proteins out of your brain.

Your speed to transform from being fat to fit totally depends on how well you can produce energy at the cellular level. The optimal, the more sustainable your weight loss results will be. 

discover sleep and weight loss relationship

So, what do you do to make your mitochondria (your power plant cells) work better that’s gonna let you have more energy even if you’re getting less sleep?

No. 1
One of the best way to hack that is to have mild ketosis present in your body. I do that with my FFTFF diet plan. So that your brain can run itself on fat or sugar AT THE SAME TIME. When this happens, your mitochondria function differently and this is well documented. Different parts of your mitochondria burn fat versus burn sugar.

No. 2
Another thing you can do to hack your body system is you stabilise your blood sugar. One of the simplest thing you can do is you can stop exposing yourself to stuff that either ruins the quality of your sleep or stuffs that ruins the quality of your mitochondria.

I am talking about biochemistry here. Things you can do is you can eat less toxins, processed foods, sugary foods, damaged fats (fried foods), too much carbohydrates and proteins that your body couldn’t handle it, heavy metals, mercury etc… these things will cause your body inflammation and slow your mitochondria function and #BrainCreativity, you’ll sleep less effectively.

Instead, you can take a little bit of Brain Octane Oil (Special Coconut Oil Extract) before bed, a couple teaspoons. Start really slow, you can work up to that. What you will feel is more energy when you’re sleeping. Not that type of energy from sugar, the way you used to it. It’s different in terms of quality of the energy being produced. It’s kind of energy that makes you not want food.

Different fats have different effects on the body.

No. 3
If you’re regularly exposing yourself to chronic mold toxins (check if your toilet have leaky pipes, black mold walls/ ceiling, green mold, inside your fridge have black mold spots etc…), whether they’re from the environment OR whether it’s from the food you eat that are high in mold toxins (in FFTFF I mentioned which foods contains higher mold toxins).

Eat less toxins, absorbs less toxins, smear less toxins on your skin. You’ll get more efficient, more effective, quality deep sleep for better brain & body function, better brain creativity, better performance during the day.

No. 4
To directly ramp up your mitochondria activity, take supplements like Unfair Advantage (Pyrroloquinoline quinone with CoQ10) >> it catalyzes the re-synthesis of your energy (ATP) makes your day more effective. Do one of these before you go to sleep.

Sometimes, you can also take amino acids like GABA. OR amino acid called L-Theanine, it’s very common and available in green tea (take the decaffeinated green tea can work before sleep), herbal tea can work as well. You can also take some magnesium before you go to sleep every night.

You can also add on Collagen Protein that’s been pre-digested and made from grass-fed cows before sleep. Why? Because it’s really calming before sleep. Some of you might think of scramble eggs. But different proteins have different effects to the body too. Which protein and which fat to take, really matters when you are hacking your sleep.

Nearly every cause of lowered energy production nowadays, lays the groundwork for developing chronic diseases later. 

No. 5
Sleep in blackout room with 20 Celcius temperature or lower, you are gonna be amazed at the quality of sleep you get. The higher the quality, the lower the quantity that’s required for your sleep. Remember this.

If you have done all the things right but you still need 8 hours of sleep, that’s OK! But if you do these and you wake up the next morning and you’re like “I haven’t felt this good in a long time!” Then congratulations! You’ve nailed it! You should play with that some more.

I wish I could tell you this one thing is gonna work for you… but I can’t do that. Because I don’t know your individual biochemistry as mentioned in my FFTFF. But, you have the best detector ever. And that detector is … how you feel when you first open your eyes. There’s a lot of sleep tracker apps out there, but how you feel in the morning is the most important thing.

So, do your experiment at night, wake up in the morning and think about it. Do whatever it takes to feel amazing in the morning and you’ll find that naturally your body just wants less sleep. That’s your win.

P.S.: All of above is based on my personal experience and knowledge as a Pharmacist in Malaysia.  Hope you enjoy my Diet Blog Malaysia on weight loss for better sleep! Please do feel free to leave any comment below ^^