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Hey – My name is Kay Chong, thank you for stopping by. I have been a pharmacist for more than 9 years in Malaysia and I serve more than thousands of clients for the past 9 years. And all my clients call me – “Wonder Pharmacist” in Malaysia when it came into weight loss….

here’s the reason why they name me so…

You see, a little over 9 years ago, while starting my first full time career as a pharmacist, I have this very annoying questions from all of my clients …

which is my chubby look 

(above is my 9 years ago image)

Unbelievable Right? So do I… and you will never know how frustrated I am, how pissed off I am and how desperate I am to search for a permanent solution… so as 8 years ago, while I was still a conventional pharmacist who believe in all those so called healthcare professionals “experts,” “gurus,” “doctors,” “specialists” and even my peer colleagues’ advices in hoping that it can solve my this annoying problems.

the untold secrets that “they” don’t want you to know…

Trust me, you won’t believe this, I took every single advice from ALL the healthcare experts… be it from doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, magazines and newspapers, famous health show and health talks (online and offline), to whatever it takes extend so that I can totally kill off this freaking annoying problems.

The frustration I felt for my own lack of prowess sent me in search of ways to teach myself how to heal my body…And there is where the nightmare begins…I buried my nose in the research and experimented on myself like a lab rat… to the extend that my family and friends start to asked me, “Are you ok?”

(image are for illustration only)

Well, c’mon!!!

of course I am not ok at all!

So, after experience all the advices from all the healthcare experts, I only ended up with 101% disappointment and frustration…living in fear and I so freaking low confidence about myself especially I am a so called certified pharmacist who graduated from a well known international university (Not to mention here, if you want to know more, contact me personally).

And to be frank, from My personal hard-truth experience of all the so-called popular “healthy” low-fat, low-cholesterol diet, low salt diet, and “effective” 5-6 days running and exercise program recommended by magazines, TV shows, other healthcare professionals, and my doctors, were actually causing me to accumulate more toxins in my body, causing me to be fat accumulation inside and around my organs, non-stop acne popping out, chronic fatigue, long sleeping hours, brain fog, and sick frequently.

So, I started to question myself, if all those above is true, it shall be working for me right now… but it did not!! It just does not make sense to me at all. As I had risk my life to the extend that I can literally destroy my life… how pathetic is all these… and what if this happen to you?

But thanks to all these experiences, as it had finally help me to discover which what I call:

“i do Kay (Care) from fat to fit formula (fftff)”

So I told myself I had to put a full stop to all those so called “Conventional advices” and start listening to my body. As there is a wise man said, ” You are the best doctor of yourself.” And the wise man is called Hua Tuo.

Hua Tuo

Well I understand there are tons and thousands of information, methods and principles out there, teaching you how to lose weight right, eat right, sleep right, etc… these are the shallow and deep ends of the spectrum and may well have value…

But trust me when it come into the right method that 100% suitable for you, there always just one and the ONLY one answer – You yourself!

So after years of all the “listening to other” experimenting, I had finally took the courage and choose to “Start listening to my body.

Once I start listening & communicate with my body … I realise that my rebound weight gain problems, bad cholesterol problems, emotional health problems, chronic fatigue, bloating problems…  all are just starts getting better! I was like WOW this is amazing!! Unbelievable!

This is kay before & after life transformation

Amazing Right But Here’s The Problem…

After witnesses my life transformation results, all my friends & family start to ask me what you do? what you eat? all kind of questions…. and when I told them all I do is “START LISTENING TO MY BODY AND COMMUNICIATE WITH MY BODY!“… They all like “Are you kidding?” “This cannot be done!”… “Wah you got super Power ah?”… they just simply can’t accept nor believe that we actually can listen and communicate with our own body and get better health… Perhaps this might sound a little bit unbelievable to you as well… no worry which I totally understand.

To be frank, What we REALLY want to know are the logistics of finding the root cause of our current health problems that has been bothering us! And once we found it… we will then know what to do next! Yet, sad to say… none of us were being taught on how to listen to our body and find the root cause ever since we are born in this world… School had never taught us this… not even doctors…

“Indeed,Doctors did “indirectly” told us to listen to our body…”

What do I mean by that? Don’t you realise that each time when you fall sick and you went to see a doctor… what are those 1st few questions that Doctor will ask you?? Can’t recall? Well let me breakdown for you :

Doctor : Hi Mr.XXX…

  • Tell me which area you not feeling well

  • Tell me what happen (to your body)

  • Tell me which part of your body went wrong

Does above all these sound familiar to you? Yes, this is exactly what doctor will ask you when you go and see them… and this is what I mean by doctor indirectly told us to listen to our body.

so, now we all know that we have to listen and communicate with our body… but the question is… how??

As a pharmacist throughout the years, many patients has seen my results and always asked me what I do to keep my result. And of course I told them, what they need to do is to keep communicating with their body and keep listening to their body.

And of course, there are many people asked me how, how do we communicate with our own body… and how do we really know what our body wants…

So, what I told them are these:

Listen and communicate with your body, discover how it works and function at it’s best.

You see, the No.1 reason why most of the people failed to have a sustainable weight loss success every time after they follow a diet plan/ detox plan/ medicines/ weight loss pills etc .. is that they failed to understand why their body system gone hay wired in the first place.

Majority of the people keep on focusing on band aid solutions and quick fix and ignore or forget about finding out their root causes.

Finding out your root causes could be as simple as:

  • It is just your false health beliefs that need to be fixed, or
  • It is just as simple as they habitually eating food that your body intolerate with and that cause your body inflammed that you don’t even realise it! That is why your chemical belly bloated and big all the time, or
  • It is because of their underlying health conditions that cause them really hard to lose that fat and maintain it

“In fact, most people have been abusing their bodies for years, and repairs don’t always happen overnight.”

Just like trying to lose weight when your hormones (thyroid, sex, stress) levels are in havoc obviously not going to work. Having that said, over time, any great unbiased, scientific based diet may help raise your important hormone and cholesterol levels to optimal, but it will definitely takes a while for your body to adapt and repair. Yes or yes?

Trying to boost your IQ/ EQ while having sleep deprivation with magnesium deficient is a disaster waiting to happen. Providing more nutrient dense foods for your tired/ gone hay wired brain/ body will not make the brain/ body perform to the standard you wanted it to be or used to be…

It is just like pushing the accelerator on a car with a broken engine won’t make it go faster, no matter how hard you press. Agree?

Thus, the better question for yourself before diving into any new diet plan in this case would be: Have you yet finding out the underlying root causes behind your current health problems? Now, if you had a hard time trying to reconnect and understand your body,

While I know all those above sounds like the rocket science to you right now… so don’t worry about that, as I am creating a never before From Fat To Fit Formula (FFTFFthat help more people to start listening, communicating, and understand their body. As an old saying goes, “An apple a day keeps doctor away.” But this is not what I believe, and what I believe is this, “Once kickstart FFTFF keeps the doctor away.”

From Fat To Fit Formula FFTFF

So, what is this FFTFF all about?

  1. It’s as a manifesto, a call to arms for a new mental model of living: the new experimental lifestyle, to learn what your body best respond to.
  2. Discover essential health principles that can help you develop attitudes and lifestyles that don’t just fight illness, but help prevent it, and build resiliency too. The benefits go far beyond the physical health.
  3. Revealing the crucial first step towards sustainable weight loss success that majority of the people overlooked!

You will learn:

  • Why I Do Kay (Care) From Fat To Fit Formula FFTFF is the No.1 strategy right NOW for you to have a sustainable weight loss success and how you can lose stubborn belly fat faster, better, easier to look good, feel great, and fit into your old skinny jeans again!
  • How to burn off your stubborn belly fat via better science without detox starving yourself and yet able to say goodbye to rebound weight gain forever! This works no matter if you were in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s and you need not to give up your favourite foods!
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